19 June 2019

Image of Travelling by Tuba

Today, Kirkham Grammar School welcomed back, ‘Travelling by Tuba’ for a Workshop Day at the Junior School. It was an outstanding day, delivered with expertise that commenced with a fabulous concert creating a buzz of excitement throughout the school. We were delighted to welcome some of the pupils and staff from Pear Tree School to join us. It was incredible to watch how the children responded to this performance with rip-roaring laughter, full concentration and at times their mouths open wide in amazement! Following the concert, all our pupils and staff had a fun -filled time of fantastic music making in mini workshops. The workshops gave every child the opportunity to play an instrument and rehearse a piece of music, culminating in an informal performance, along with professional musicians. This was a superb learning experience for everyone. Thank you very much to all involved in creating a wonderful, music-filled fun day!
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