23 January 2019

Image of Online Safety with The Hara

Yesterday afternoon, boyband The HARA, Josh Taylor (Frontman), Zack Breen (Lead Guitar) and Jack Kennedy (Drums), visited KGS to talk to our Third and Fourth Year pupils about how to stay safe online, as well as discussing cyber bullying and where to go for help. They discussed their own personal stories which included a time one of them was affected by cyber bullying, how they felt at the time, how they reacted and the outcome of the situation. As well as this, they discussed mental health, the causes of mental health problems and gave examples of a time when they had experienced their own mental health issues, who to turn to for help and the importance of speaking up. The pupils also enjoyed performances from the band! Many thanks to The Hara for visiting KGS and delivering these very important messages in engaging and interactive way!

The photographs are now available to view and download from our KGS Flickr page at https://www.flickr.com/p…/kgsphotos/albums/72157704544318181

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