16 June 2017

Image of Manor Adventure in Wales


J4 Wales Trip June 2017

On Monday 5 June, J4, along with Mr Lewis, Mrs Tickle, Mr Butterworth and Mr Roberts set off for a once in a lifetime trip to Manor Adventure in Wales. After a five hour bus journey, the children were given a tour around Abernant Lake Hotel, where they were staying. They then enjoyed an evening of archery and going through a very muddy obstacle course! They were all very tired by now so, after tea, they went straight to bed. The next morning was an early start followed by a big breakfast and a morning of activities. The weather was not great but it still did not stop anyone from having lots of fun! After a hearty lunch, the children enjoyed an afternoon of stand-up paddle boarding and raft building with a drink of hot blackcurrant juice in between to keep them warm. Then as  always, tea and bed. Wednesday morning was a morning of canoeing and kayaking. After lunch, everyone was surprised with a session of fencing. Even the teachers had a go at it! This was followed by survival skills. Unfortunately, Mrs Tickle had to leave on Wednesday night so Mrs Roberts came just before everyone had an early night. Thursday morning was extremely exhausting for everyone as they had to cycle down a bumpy, 9 mile cycle track! The afternoon was abseiling followed by a disco! They were all surprised as Mrs Tickle returned for the disco as she decided she just couldn’t miss it and wanted to finish the trip off with everyone! Everybody had a fantastic time but were really tired afterwards, so they were all fast asleep straight away. The fifth and final day of the week was crate stacking and ‘Manor Olympics’. It was good fun but quite sad. Next, a big lunch and a long journey home. Every single child and teacher had the most incredible time. There were some times where people got nervous about some of the activities, but they were all determined to try absolutely everything. This trip was so memorable and it was something that nobody will ever forget.

by Siôned

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