16 June 2017

Image of Junior Romans

On Wednesday 7 June, the J1 children enjoyed a fun packed visit to the Chester Grosvenor Museum. The day started with an exciting workshop in a room full of Roman artefacts. The children learned all about how the Romans  entered Chester and what daily life was like. They were then able to take part in lots of interesting activities such as wearing Roman costumes, building with Roman bricks, working in a Roman kitchen and digging for Roman  artefacts. Jack was chosen to be a Roman soldier and he was very lucky as he was given the opportunity to wear Roman armour and hold Roman weapons. He looked fantastic! After lunch, everyone else was able to dress in armour and the children each had their own shield. They were led through the streets of Chester by their very own Roman Centurion who was excellent at shouting commands and keeping his new army in order. The children learned lots of Latin army commands and how to process as an army. The day ended with a trip to the museum gift shop where everyone was able to purchase a souvenir to take home as a reminder of their day. Everyone had a fantastic time!

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