16 June 2017

Image of Eureka!

What a brilliant day I2 all had at Eureka last week! The children were an absolute credit to the school! The museum was so interesting, exciting and interactive and they had such a great time. First they went to an Energy Workshop and learned that energy can’t be made or destroyed, it can only be changed from one type to another. After that they were given some free time to play in the Post Office and M&S Shop and visit the bank, petrol station, house and dark mirrored room! Then the children had a yummy lunch and Mrs Rowlands learned that you should open a banana upside down like monkeys do, so you have a handle to hold onto! After lunch the children were given the chance to look round the gift shop before visiting the top floor which was ‘All about Me’. This was so cool and they saw giant mouths, brains and noses! I2 had a really fun day with lots of learning opportunities!

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