School Curriculum - Latin


The Latin Department's aim is to open up the classical world, via the Latin language, to curious young people.  It achieves this by teaching Latin language skills, thus enabling pupils to have direct access to literature and other aspects of the ancient world.  Through this pupils gain a stronger appreciation of the roots of European culture and are better placed to view current issues with a greater depth of understanding.

Lower School

Latin is not offered in the Lower School.

Middle School

GCSE Latin

Board: OCR

In the Fourth Year pupils acquire competent language skills using Latin to GCSE by John Taylor.

In the Fifth Year pupils continue to develop the skills learned previously and, in addition, study some extracts from Latin Literature.  Writers such as Virgil, Horace, Ovid, Catullus, Pliny and Seneca are regularly included in the selections offered by the specification.

Sixth Form - LATIN

Board: OCR

Pupils continue to develop the skills learned at GCSE.  More emphasis is placed on the reading and analysing of literary texts at AS Level and at A2 translation of both prose and verse is undertaken and there is the option to develop the skill of translation into Latin.


Trips, to Roman sites within Britain, are taken most years, most recently to Hadrian's Wall in June 2016.

There is a Greek Club to enable pupils to gain a wider experience of Classics.  Pupils can prepare for GCSE in Greek.  It is also hoped that the availability of Greek may enable pupils to consider the study of Classics at University level.

Pupils are accompanied to Classics lectures and Open Days.