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    Mission Statement

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    Kirkham Grammar School provides a caring, secure environment where the highest priority is given to the pursuit of academic excellence and the fulfilment of each pupil's potential.

    Our vision for the school is to ensure academic success; encompassed by a breadth of educational opportunities including sporting, creative and cultural excellence. Throughout their school life we seek to provide our pupils with a stimulating, competitive and supportive environment that promotes both self-respect and respect for others within the spirit of a truly Independent School.

    In order to achieve this, we will ensure that we:

    • Know every child and celebrate achievement in a caring, secure and family focused environment, underpinned by a broad Christian Ethos.
    • Inspire a spirit of enquiry in technology, scientific development, linguistic ideas, artistic creativity and develop a sense of independence.
    • Recognise excellence in all areas whilst ensuring all pupils make progress regardless of ability, age, race, sex, creed, sexual orientation, gender or disability.
    • Keep all pupils safe through a strong pastoral system, in a community in which all are valued.
    •  Provide a Holistic approach to progress across academic and extra-curricular activities.
    • Are a school where all leaders, managers and staff are constantly reviewing development and ensuring the very best.
    • Maintain a sense of purpose to guide pupils successfully through the school and beyond.



    "Children will only pass through this school once and deserve the very best."

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    Mission Statement