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    Mission Statement

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    Mission Statement and Aims

    To ensure the provision of a broad, balanced, high quality education within an inclusive family environment which nurtures well qualified, compassionate, self-assured members of the community. 


    To provide inspirational teaching which facilitates a rewarding and motivating education that focuses on each individual reaching their full potential. 

    To create a culture of strong wellbeing and personal development for all, through supportive pastoral systems and extensive co-curricular opportunities within an inclusive family ethos. 

    To ensure all students and staff have an educational environment in which their health, safety and wellbeing are considered and catered for. 

    To facilitate opportunities for all staff within the foundation to share their skills and expertise and remain at the forefront of educational excellence. 

    To maintain a vibrant, competitive and innovative school. 

    To provide strong leadership and management which provides direction and values support for all members of staff in a culture of openness and transparency. 

    To have a dynamic and inclusive Boarding House, which instils respect, tolerance, friendship and a strong moral compass. 

    To continue developing a flourishing and growing EYFS that establishes confident, independent and happy children in a safe and positive environment.

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