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Living and Working with Disadvantaged Tanzanians

This summer, Kirkham Grammar School’s PE teacher, Rebecca Holden, will be visiting Africa to volunteer in an orphanage for three weeks on a childcare project. She will be based in Tanzania in an orphanage for children aged from new born to 18 years. Rebecca will be living and working in a community surrounded by some of Tanzania’s most disadvantaged children, assisting with childcare and education.

It is evident in Tanzania that there is a high level of poverty and minimal state welfare which results in an alarmingly high level of orphans and street children. Rebecca has now taken on the challenge to fundraise, with the assistance of the Kirkham Grammar School pupils and staff, in order to take funds to Africa, to buy the children from the orphanage school uniforms, shoes, learning resources, sports equipment and much more.

Rebecca says, “I can’t wait to arrive in Africa and try to help make a difference to these children’s lives. It will be an absolute delight playing sports and helping them with their English, as well as simply putting a smile on their face! I would like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my fundraising and a huge thank you to Kirkham Grammar School for supporting me on this wonderful project!”

You can find her fundraising page here: Rebecca's justgiving page