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    The Library aims to provide a learning area at the heart of the school's curriculum and to foster a lifelong love of literature.  Teaching staff can book classes in for research and teaching using a variety of resources.  The Library catalogue can be accessed from any PC within school and also from home.

    Lower School

    Pupils in the First and Second Year have one timetabled English lesson in the Library per cycle.  This lesson is used for a variety of activities including quiet reading, improving literacy and an introduction to research skills.  The pupils follow the Accelerated Reader Scheme which helps them to select suitable and enjoyable reading material from over 5,000 books!  In addition to fiction, a good range of KS3 non-fiction books and on-line resources are available to support all curriculum areas and library-based projects are very popular.

    Middle School

    Every effort is made to encourage reading by ensuring that the fiction stock covers a wide range of genres.  Computers are used for coursework and revision guides are available to help with exam preparation, together with practical advice when requested.  Textbooks are available as reference copies and the use of support material is encouraged.  Pupils are able to refer to quality newspapers and current periodicals.

    Senior School

    Sixth Form students can use the Library for both private study and leisure reading, and many students enjoy the excellent facilities.  Tutorials are sometimes based here, encouraging the development of research skills so vital for effective study at advanced level and university.  Sixth Form Librarians are a vital part of the Library and they are responsible for helping to manage the Library by shelving and issuing books.


    Many book awards, including the Carnegie Award, are 'shadowed' by keen readers, who can review and vote for their favourite books from a shortlist; much debate ensues over which is the best book.  Book Club remains hugely popular and is based in the Library during the Autumn and Spring Terms.

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