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KGJS Hockey Start against AKS

KGJS played their first match on Saturday 23rd September away at AKS. Captain Lilly chose right on the toss to win Kirkham first push back. Kirkham set up strong, quickly passing the ball down the field and attacking as a unit. With the ball going out of play for a hit out, AKS were quick to set up moving the ball down the right with Sarah applying pressure and Mia clearing the ball from the top of the shooting circle. Grace sent a first time pass to Alexa who drove the ball down the right to Lilly who managed to send a hard ball to Evie who put it hard into the back off the goal: 1-0 Kirkham. AKS came back at Kirkham strong, moving the ball well and making it hard for Kirkham to retain possession. Evie and Lilly worked well in the middle, applying pressure but AKS came through strong getting players ahead of the ball. Olivia saved the first shot but AKS came back again to equal the score 1-1. Kirkham didn’t let this affect their game and came back positive stringing a number of passes together in the middle of the field to create space. AKS managed to pick up a loose pass and moved the ball down their right hand side of the field. Kirkham were caught at the back resulting in AKS going ahead 2-1. With not much time left on the clock, the whistle went for half time.

Half time changes to the team saw an exciting first appearance for Georgia for KGJS at left back and change of goal keeper Claudia . Kirkham were set up ready to go again for the second half but AKS came out with added oomph winning a long corner from the go. Kirkham’s defensive unit set up well with Alexa running first with Lilly Jones supporting. Grace managed to clear the ball but AKS were straight back on the ball to change the score again 3-1. Kirkham continued to work well with Claudia working hard in defence, gaining possession for Kirkham. Evie attacked at speed to the shooting circle - her ball struck with power into the corner of the goal, 3-2. 

Kirkham continued to work well as a team but with a foot in their defensive circle gave AKS a penalty corner. AKS had showed their well worked corner earlier in the game so Kirkham’s defensive unit were set determined to get the ball out and away safely. Kirkham managed to win the ball with a save from Olivia . Sarah managed to clear the ball out but AKS had pushed players up gaining possession quickly attacking back into Kirkham’s defensive circle. Kirkham applied pressure a little too late this time making it easier for AKS to shoot, changing the score to 4-2. Kirkham didn’t have much time on the clock to change the score this time but went away from their first fixture with lots of positives and look forward to their training sessions next week at school.

Girl of the game: Evie Mellon