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Junior House Swimming Gala

On Friday 20 April, the Annual Junior School House Swimming Gala took place at Kirkham Baths. Every pupil in J1, 2, 3 and 4 was selected to swim and there were fifty races in total. All pupils gave 100% for their houses in the individual and relay races. The atmosphere was fantastic throughout the gala but especially in the relays. In the final race of the day against the Staff team, the Kirkham House pupils’ team were victorious! The overall results are as follows:



1st        Fylde                 29½pts

2nd      School               28½pts

3rd       Preston             20pts

4th        Kirkham           19pts



1st        School              25pts

2nd      Kirkham           21pts

3rd       Preston             20pts

4th        Fylde                14pts



1st        Fylde                47pts

2nd       Kirkham           42pts

3rd       School             36pts

4th        Preston             25pts



1st        Kirkham             49pts

2nd       Fylde                 41pts

3rd       Preston               36pts

4th        School                35pts



1st        Fylde                  131½pts

2nd       Kirkham             131

3rd       School               124½pts

4th        Preston               103


Fylde were crowned champions by the narrowest of margins which proves every point matters! Congratulations to Fylde, but well done to everyone for making it such a great event.