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J2 Castle Head Trip

The J2 children were very excited to be going to Castle Head on their first overnight school trip on Thursday 16 November. Their first challenge was to make their own beds, which some of them found more difficult than others! They all enjoyed the orienteering activity around the building to find where everything was located. Next, they used their map skills to find controls around the grounds; this was so much fun! Evelyn, Meesha, Tom, Bertie, Jack and Henry all proved to be experts at finding the correct places on the map and so won the event. After lunch, everyone went back outside to try out the low ropes and obstacle courses, working as part of a team. Unfortunately, it was a little bit wet and some of the children were quite muddy by the end! This was a definite highlight though! They all enjoyed their evening meal before making lanterns from tissue paper and twigs and leaves that they had collected during the afternoon. They looked amazing all lit up. Most of the children were surprised, but very pleased, to see that their lanterns did not go up in flames as they had expected! After a story and hot chocolate, the children (and staff!) were ready for bed. On Friday they were up bright and early, ready to pack up their belongings. They enjoyed a lovely breakfast, with some children having second and third helpings! Next, they made their own packed lunches before spending the morning looking for mini beasts, learning to identify them and setting mammal traps, in which they managed to catch two bank voles! They were really cute and did not seem bothered about being caught for everyone to look at. With their torches at the ready, the children also went into a cave to look for more creatures. Some of the children were a little shocked to find that they were looking for cave spiders, the largest species in Britain! They were certainly glad to get out of there, as visions of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ were swimming through their heads! After eating their lunch they headed back to Kirkham, tired, but having thoroughly enjoyed their visit!