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    Politics is the study of POWER: the people, organisations, events and ideas that shape our lives in Britain today.  An understanding of Politics is essential to an understanding of the world and our place in it.  As Aristotle wrote, Man is a political animal.  We are diminished as citizens without an understanding of the political world.  How can we achieve our potential without participating in the political world?  It is when we do not participate that evil triumphs.


    In the study of Politics at Kirkham Grammar School we try to answer questions such as:

    • Why did we have a coalition government for the first time since 1945?

    • What exactly do the main parties believe?

    • Why did they have a telescopic opera hat in Parliament?

    • What is the difference between positive and negative freedom?

    • Should mountains and rivers have rights?

    • What is the fundamental nature of the human soul?


      People who study Politics tend to be interested in current affairs; they enjoy arguing with fellow students and their teacher; and they can communicate their ideas on paper.

      Lower School

      Government and Politics is not offered at this level.

      Middle School

      Government and Politics is not offered as a GCSE subject, although all Fifth Year pupils attend a Citizenship session in which the workings of the British political system are explained.  There is also a weekly Politics Discussion Group for Fifth Years.

      Senior School

      Government and Politics
      Board: Edexcel


      Visit to one of the annual party conferences.
      Sixth Form Discussion Group – weekly meetings.

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