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    The following pages are designed to give you information about GCSE and AS/A2 examinations they include:

    Dates of the GCSE /AS/A2 examinations for the summer session.

    Important documents produced by the Joint Council for Qualifications which all students sitting public exams this academic year must read.

    Copies of the “Warning to Candidates” and “No Mobile Phones” posters which are displayed inside and outside every room in which a written exam is held.

    Copy of KGS policy relating to external examinations.

    Information regarding post-results services offered by the awarding bodies.

    Parents of students sitting External Examination in the June session will receive a copy of their son/daughter’s exam timetable once final entries have been made (late March). We hope you will find this information useful and as always if you have any questions relating to the External Examinations or any other topic please do not hesitate to contact school.

    GCSE 2019 Timetable

    A-level 2019 Timetable


    Information for Candidates - Coursework 2018-19Information for Candidates - Non-Examination Assessments 2018-19Information for Candidates - Onscreen Tests 2018-19

    Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice 2018-19

    Information for Candidates - Social Media 2018-19Information for Candidates - Written Exams 2018-19No Mobile Phones PosterWarning to Candidates


    Exam Contingency Plan 2018-19

    Examinations Accessibility Policy - July 2018Handling of Critical Incidents Policy - November 2018

    Coursework and Controlled Assessment Policy


    Post-results-services-booklet 2019

    Enquiries About Results Form

    Access to Scripts Form

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