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Excellent GCSE Results 2018

I am always astounded how well our pupils perform year on year at GCSE.  This is made even more remarkable when you look at all the other successes that run alongside an excellent set of results.

The pupils at KGS truly do shine in our aim to educate the whole child.  Once again, we are celebrating another year of record breaking results alongside significant successes in Sport, Drama, Music, CCF, Duke of Edinburgh and other areas.  This, alongside the significantly impressive set of GCSE results that well exceed any national averages, is what we strive to achieve at KGS.  Well done to the Class of 2018!

D H Berry


Eleven Passes:  R Bowes, R Burrow, J Caton, C Coffey, S Davies, G Eastham, O Hodge,
L Metherell, H Standley, R Wilding


Ten Passes:  E Adams, V Allan, E Armer, B Armstead, O Barnett, L Barrow, Z Buchanan,
Y Burfitt, Z Burfitt, E Callow, W Chan, O Chaya, A Clarke, T Clowes, H Cook, A Cooper,
J Cope, A Gascoigne, O Gebbie, W Henderson, A Hill, E Ikram, C Ireland, M Jones, B Lee,
J Maggs, O Marsden, H Mears, K Parkinson, S Parmar, D Parziale, M Pickup, K Poli,
B Preddy, E Relf, J Robinson, M Rodriguez, Y Shahid, G Sillery, L Tarpey, E Topping,
A Wheeler


Nine Passes:  M Bailey, C Bamber, J Clarke, J Coulthard, C Denney, C Ezeigbo, K Fraser,
J Hall, E Kearsley, S Lo, P Mathauda, O Mills, A Millward, Z Mossop, O Oladapo, Z Sidani, D Smith, S Stavrou, K Taylor, L Thomas, E Turner, J Walton


Eight Passes:  W Davies, I Hill, W Johnson, W Lee, L Martin, M Paxton, C Savidge,
M Thornton, J Wong


Seven Passes:  J Buchan, L Dean, J Webster