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    Drama plays a vital role in a child's development into a confident member of the community who can tackle a range of situations with articulacy, empathy and self-assurance.  The many opportunities afforded within the drama curriculum and beyond it, have at their core the aim to develop these skills.

    Confidence, leadership, teamwork and problem solving are further enhanced through GCSE Drama, school productions and Drama Club.  Moreover the rigorous intellectual and academic demands of the GCSE and A-level courses enable the students to develop self‑knowledge, tolerance and cultural awareness through the experience of theatre and its processes.

    Lower School

    In the Lower School pupils follow a rigorous programme of study exploring attitudes, ideas and their communication to an audience whilst developing performance skills.  Most class work builds towards formal and informal performances with some exploration of the technical side of theatre.  Confidence, creativity and effective communication are nurtured through improvisation, movement, mime, dance, mask and costume work.

    Middle School

    Board: Cambridge

    The IGCSE is largely performance based and practically examined with the opportunity to examine and specialise in technical theatre.  The syllabus encourages pupils to understand and enjoy drama by:

    • developing their performance skills, both individually and in groups

    • understanding the role of an actor, director and designer in creating a piece of theatre

    • considering ways in which ideas and feelings can be communicated to an audience

    • discovering the performance possibilities of plays and other dramatic stimuli

    • devising dramatic material of their own

      Senior School

    Drama and Theatre Studies
    Board: AQA

    Students produce their own piece of scripted performance, and devised theatre, both reflecting the influence of a recognised practitioner such as Stanislavski or Brecht.  They also assess two plays in depth from a performance perspective and analyse and evaluate a theatre production which has been studied.


    There is a rolling programme of diverse theatre visits; many open to all (including parents) and some specifically targeted for the different age groups.

    There is an optional Junior Drama Club and juniors are encouraged to help with, or take on supporting roles in the annual school Shakespearean production.  We have also been actively involved with the Shakespeare for Schools Festival giving a junior cast and crew the opportunity to perform in a professional theatre. 

    We also offer an Expressive Arts trip to New York every two years.  In a packed six days students see two Broadway shows and participate in three specifically tailored drama workshops as well as experiencing many of the cultural opportunities the city has to offer.

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