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Clitheroe Castle

Our First Year pupils had an excellent day in Clitheroe on the annual joint History and Geography trip. They started the day by visiting Salthills Geology Trail where they walked around a Site of Special Scientific Interest looking for different rock types. The pupils thought about the impact of visitors on the site and most importantly, hunted for fossils. Mr Whittle and Mrs John gave two entertaining and informative walks around the site and it was pleasing to see all four classes discovering so many fossils.


After a much-needed lunch, the pupils visited Clitheroe Castle where they all enjoyed four workshops on medieval cooking, blacksmithing, armour and medieval games. The knight in the Keep was the highlight of the visit and everyone enjoyed fighting and trying on the medieval armour. The pupils certainly learnt a lot of medieval history and learnt how many words in the English language have their roots in Norman French – 60% in case you didn’t know! All four forms thoroughly enjoyed their day in the field and this was an excellent trip to consolidate knowledge and to have the opportunity to learn in a different environment.


To view a selection of photographs from the trip please click on the link below…