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    Boarding Fees

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    Registration and Acceptance

    A non-refundable fee of £30 is charged for each pupil at the time of registration. On acceptance of a place, a deposit of £50 is payable for day pupils and £300 for boarders; this is refundable only when the place is taken up and is deducted from the first term's fees.


    Fees from September 2016

    Senior School       (11 – 18 years) Day: £3,599
    Junior School        (4 – 11 years)  Day: £2,699
    Pre-School             (3 – 4 years)    Full week: £233
      Full day:  *£47.80

    *Fees are invoiced on a termly basis and extra days are invoiced separately.


    These fees cover tuition, use of class text and library books, school stationery, scientific equipment, games apparatus; they DO NOT cover the cost of field courses, GCSE examinations or A-level modular re-sits.

    Senior School  Boarding: £3,232
      in addition to the Day fee

    For parents resident in the United Kingdom, a contingency fee of £300 is charged in advance on the first account of each new entrant into the Boarding House and held on deposit against extras in the final term of school. A contingency of £500 is required with payment of the first term's boarding account for pupils whose parents are resident outside the United Kingdom. The remaining balance will be refunded when the pupil finally leaves school.


    Early Years Single Funding Formula (EYSFF)

    The school participates in Lancashire County Council's Early Years Single Funding Formula scheme.



    Discounts in the day school fee for siblings attending the school at the same time are:

    2nd and 3rd child  5% each
    4th child 20%
    5th child 30%

    The boarding fee for children resident Monday to Friday (weekly boarders), and for children whose parents are current members of HM Forces, is discounted by 5%.



    Pupils' Personal Accident Insurance Scheme/Fees Refund Scheme

    All pupils participate in the Pupils' Personal Accident Insurance Scheme with dental insurance cover which pays a guaranteed scale of benefits for certain permanent injuries and meets the cost of any associated dental treatment; premiums are charged unless parents opt out of the scheme. There is also the option to join a fees refund scheme which refunds fees for a pupil's period of absence on medical grounds.   

    Pupils' Healthcare Scheme

    Students are eligible to join the Schools Medical Scheme at a termly premium of £75.00. The scheme is unique as previous medical history is not penalised.

    Pupils' Personal Effects Insurance Scheme

    The school does not insure against the loss of, or damage to, pupils' personal effects.  The school offers on an opt-out basis the Pupils' Personal Effects Insurance Scheme at a termly premium of £10. This is an insurance giving £5,000 level of cover for pupils' personal effects whilst they are receiving education at Kirkham Grammar School. 


    Old Kirkhamians' Association Subscription

    A termly charge of £3 per Senior School student will be shown separately on the individual school fee account. This entitles school leavers to free membership of the Old Kirkhamians' Association.


    School Transport (Junior and Senior School Only)

    School coach fees are charged termly.



    Private tuition on piano and most orchestral instruments is available, as are private lessons in singing, speech training, spoken English and Drama.

    Boarding pupils' extra expenses, eg toiletries, taxi/rail fares, and additional laundry, are carefully controlled and kept to a minimum.

    Junior School Breakfast Club and Late Room charges are invoiced as appropriate.


    Day School Lunches

    Kirkham Grammar School: Lunches are available in the Dining Hall on a pay-as-you-eat basis.  A Smartcard system is in operation.

    Kirkham Grammar Junior School:  School lunch is compulsory. It is served on a cafeteria basis and caters for all dietary needs. Payment is made on a termly basis, invoiced from the Bursar's Office.  The daily charge per meal is £2.48.     

    Pre-School: All snacks and meals are included in the fees, with the exception of the Breakfast Club.


    Payment of Fees

    • Fees are charged in advance and further to the annual review the following options are offered:
    • payment of invoice in full before the first day of each of the three terms
    • the whole year's tuition fees paid on or before 1 September 2016 for which a 4% discount will be given
    • by monthly banker's order, payable over ten months
    • by credit card; 2.1% administration fee payable on total transaction
    • for cash payments, the school operates an anti-money laundering policy in line with EU regulations
    • Salary Sacrifice vouchers are accepted for the payment of eligible fees and extras

    Payments can be made direct into the school's bank account and details are available on request. Cheques should be drawn in favour of 'Kirkham Grammar School' and forwarded to the Bursar, to whom any correspondence concerning financial matters should be addressed.  The right is reserved to make late payment charges composed of simple interest calculated on a daily basis at 1.5% per month, from the first day of each term, and all administration and legal costs in relation to any sums that are unpaid by the due date.


    Books and Stationery

    Books and stationery provided by the school remain the property of the school and any loss or damage will be charged to individual accounts.


    Damage to School Property

    Where damage is caused to the school's property through a pupil's negligence or wanton act, that pupil will be charged with the full cost of the repairs.


    Withdrawal of a Pupil

    In all cases, a full term's notice in writing is required in the event of a pupil leaving the school through the wishes of a parent, except when leaving at the end of Sixth Form studies. Failure to do this will mean that a full term's fees in lieu of notice will be payable.

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