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    Boarding Admissions

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    Entry as a boarder is possible at any stage but enquiry should be made of the school regarding the availability of places. Assessments for places at 11+ and 16+ can be through the current procedures for the Senior School but is is possible to arrange assessments at different stages according to parental circumstances.

    Registration forms should be requested from the School Registrar either via downloading from the website, by telephone (01772 684264) or via email ( . Visits to the school will be arranged by appointment.

    Entrance requirements are common with the Senior School as a whole and candidates for boarding places will be expected to satisfy the school entrance "criteria" at each level. For entry at 12+, 13+ or 14+ an assessment will be undertaken and school reports requested.

    Overseas Students

    Overseas Students applying for entry to Kirkham Grammar School are required to have a Guardian in the United Kingdom who will act "in locum parentis" and who will be responsible for the student whilst in the United Kingdom. Guardians will accept responsibility for pupils during exeats and for travel arrangements and visas where parents are unable to fulfil this role.

    Test Papers 

    In the event that assessments are required for entry it is possible for test papers to be sent to the candidate’s present school. Parents are asked to obtain arrangement of the Headteacher of the school and to ensure that the necessary invigilation arrangements can be made.

    English Language

    It is essential that all candidates joining Kirkham Grammar School are able to access the curriculum. While English as an Additional Language lessons are provided, the curriculum is in English and pupils need fluency in the Language to access this.

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